Beyond Pawception 2/12 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 2/12


2 November 2015 at 15:55:35 MST

Between the various dishes, resting comfortably atop the thick quilt, two soft-brown paws stood flush and snug. Their toes were intertwined unevenly, the smaller paw's digits easily vanishing into the embrace of the larger. While the larger easily slotted two of its rivals' toes between two of its own, the smaller strained to stretch its digits wide enough to splay around a single superior.

Massive claws danced idly in the air, strong enough to slice steel yet careful enough to gently stroke along flesh without leaving even a scar. Although the bonelike spikes were grown long and thick to sizes one would expect to find on a feral beast instead of a civilized anthro, they were well-maintained and cared for. It was not that the claws were overgrown, but rather, their owner prefered to grow them out.

Sometimes, the larger paw would make a movement. The smaller paw never offered any resistance- it bowed and acquiesced instantly, like a puppet pulled by its strings. When the larger paw clenched and leaned forward, a tremor rippled down the smaller paw, its digits meekly squirming until they were pressed tight by toes more than twice their own size. An onlooker might wonder if the total submission was a matter of the smaller paw being entirely subservient to the larger, or the larger paw simply having so much strength as to effortlessly force its will upon the smaller. The fact of the matter was that both statements were true.

Writeup by VDOplus

Part 2, and here we see the paws that have got Artie absolutely smooshed. But who could be enjoying a picnic and a pawsmooshing atop of a suspiciously fluffy purple landscape? Do they even know that Artie's lost in there? At the rate he's shrinking, most probably not!

Commissioned by Artie

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