Beyond Pawception 4/12 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 4/12


4 November 2015 at 16:01:19 MST

Urgh! Crétin! Idiot! How could anyone be such a careless oaf, rushing this way and that comme si les deux leurs pattes étaient dans la même chaussure?! Watch where you're stomping those paws, you big moron!"

Kamille hastily shuffled the many buildings in her arms, buttressed against her prodigious chest. So few, but it was all she had managed to gather in time. She very much preferred to at least get permission before plucking up lovely skyscrapers, but when a multimile Persian starts tromping around all over the place, well, one must take what one can get, lest all those wonderful buildings be flattened to dust. Her magic would thankfully protect the inhabitants from harm, but the amount of work she'd have to do to reconstruct all those broken blocks was going to keep her busy for a long, long time.

"You'll be coming with me. You as well. Et toi. And-!"

Glancing over her shoulder, Kamille found her vast and fluffy tail pinned under a wall of white. The Delphox was fairly strong, but she was quite certain that she wouldn't be able to move the towering toes smishing multiple times her size in fluff and tail muscles flat to the ground. She was forced to settle for just grumbling at it angrily.

"Sunday macros. They never watch where they're going!"

Writeup by VDOplus

Part 4 and Kamille is NOT impressed. Rocquesnne clearly has it in for for all those wonderful little buildings, and Kamille is taking it upon herself to protect a few of her favourites. Just how much Kamille towers over Mawie and the Good Doctor down there, who are in themselves macro to normal sized folk - all while Kamille is COMPLETELY dwarfed by Rocq is an indication of how silly things are starting to get!

Rocquesanne Relavosa II, Kamille, and Dr. Sparkee belong to VDOplus
Mawie belongs to myself.

Commissioned by artie