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Bringing this back

Long story short, I disagree vehemently with the stupid bullshit I was on when I left here, and now that I discovered Postybirb, I can post on as many websites as I want without wasting my time.

So to those of you who liked my stuff but only use this website, stay tuned.

I should also mention that NSFW content is not coming back here. After the sort of crowd proto-Spanky attracted, I'm trying to distance myself from NSFW art and limit its accessibility.

Also I'm block-happy now and won't put up with anyone's shit. If you come here trying to start something, you will be blocked on sight. No, I don't care about your freeze peach. Be gay, do crime, yo!

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    Hi, I followed you here and now I'm lost

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    Call out post this user eats DICK

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      Does that make me a cannibal?

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    thanks for the fav

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    You literally made my night

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    Well isn't all of this delightfully strange! Keep it up ^.^