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sqrlyjack / 29 / female (she/her)

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Bringing this back

Long story short, I disagree vehemently with the stupid bullshit I was on when I left here, and now that I discovered Postybirb, I can post on as many websites as I want without wasting my time. So to those of you who liked my stuff but only use this website, stay tuned. edit: I should also mention…

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I got Pokemon Moon

Here’s what I gotta say… This game is drunk with cutscenes, Hau is a dumbass, Team Skull is hilarious (also DAT THEME SONG), the HMs fucked off to Argentina, Persian ate a bee, and we need more beefy female Incineroar lewds. Where’s all the Incineroar shenis??? Do I gotta do it myself????? And yes,…

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Cup a Soup

You need to come, so my roment With Royco cup a soup You have to fordeen, touching your self a hand With Royco cup a soup OH! Life is the soup, soup in a cup God is Royco cup a soup Deen comes from the legagacy c: <3