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Spottedstripe12 / 22 / Female / USA

I am your doctor of doom...
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I'm Spottedstripe but you can just call me Spotty or Spot c: I draw cats and sometimes wolves (still practicing) I'm here to improve my art. I've been drawing Spottedstripe for a year now hopefully I can draw her even better next year ^^ I use a mouse and use GIMP nothin special.  I am a very random person and can be loud and annoying ~sorry XD I have dirty blonde hair and blue/green/gray eyes (you totally needed to know that) , people say they change colors WTF!?! I just made this account to see how it goes and I hope I make new friends! 
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So this is mainly for deviantart but people said i should post it here too

on 2 February 2014 at 12:17:07 MST

ever since i started deviantart i noticed how real life is. even tho this is a website and you're not talking to a person in ever since i started deviantart i noticed how real life is. even tho this is a website and you're not talking to a person in 'real life'. i've been here for a year now and i never been depressed or draw vents all that but others do, before i joined DA i thought the world was like everyone is happy and people only just get sad for something but nothing big. things changed. I see great people get depressed and change and leave and it makes me feel sad like 'wow somewhere in the world right now this very second someone is depressed and wants to kill themselves' i always thought people make mistakes and everyone forgave them and carried on with their lives.. People do make VERY bad mistakes and hurt other people and they just cut themselves and torture their body. i just wanna cry when i see this stuff like bullies, depression, cutting, vents, and worst suicide. DA let me see the real world and how people react to these things. yea i seen those bully videos and all that at school since like 6th- 8th grade and those real time things just break my heart. and here i see people caring towards others against all that and i feel happier but then something dramatic happens and all hell breaks loose. I am proud to say that i've been here for year seeing this and i've NEVER been depressed or cut myself. cutting myself makes me sick and when i see great people do it i just cry in a corner lol cries in corner... on FA my cousin cuts herself and i just.... idk it breaks my heart seeing her in bad shape like this, i known her my whole life she is 1 yr older than me and she is like my best friend/ big sister and now she's depression and cuts herself over this FUCKING HORNY JERK all he wants is sex and her to kill herself. some people do this on purpose and don't even care about others like my cousin, Destiny or great artists here. but some people (not saying names) make very bad mistakes, just messing around with you and hate themselves when you get into deep depression. bullies... why...just why are you so abusive, why are you so hateful? that one person you think 'you're just playing with' has a life and family and they don't need you to ruin their future. people who cut themselves who live through their depression, 10 yrs later see the scars on them and look back to that. People who vent are just letting out their emotions... you mostly can't just hold it in and if you do it usually makes you crazy and makes you wanna kill yourself. Anyways getting off point waaaay to far... normally if you know me well you know that i'm this crazy funny chick who does stupid things and never gets sad about something too long, well you're right i don't. I never experienced depression and i don't. if you're super sad just tell your parents and get counselling before it's too late. my mom asks me when i ''act funny'' and offers like a concerned parent. just tell your parents and i'm pretty sure they'll help. for all those people out there on DA who are depression and bullied and cutting themselves I'm here c: just send me a note if you want to talk about it, i'll always be glad to talk and I WILL NEVER judge or make fun of you. (if you read this much thank you for reading because i know this is REALLY long c:) always forgive the person who didn't mean to hurt you badly and don't live in your past just keep moving on. love you all

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    Thanks for following me Spotty ^^ <3
    *quietly glances at your latest journal*
    Ikr... I made this account just because everyone else seemed to be making one, but I'm still going to be most active on DA O.o

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      haha no problem!! <3
      yep most people just left that easy i don't get it ;o;

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        I love DA, even if they are kinda sliding downhill right now... ;o;

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          yep same here and it's sad that all this just started over that admin ;n; but anyways i'm never leaving DA bc of that..

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          yep same here and it's sad that all this just started over that admin ;n; but anyways i'm never leaving DA bc of that..

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            Yup.. I might start placing more copyright on my pictures if I find that someone has copied and traced it or whatever... but so far I think I'm safe...

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              Oh i didn't think you could do that, is it in settings? or something else
              XD sorry for the double reply lol..

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                Lol it's fine XD
                Well you can put a giant copyright thing from DA on your pictures from the settings, but I like drawing my own signatures/copyrights :3