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I am new here trying to find a good art community as things seem dying on deviantart.


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    I got suspended on Devianart for absolutely nothing & I got blamed for some one hacked into my account & posted nasty language & I got blamed for it. there are standereds on Weasel that prevents that from happening. like the admins will know if some one got into your account. its also illegal on here to post call out jounrals of other artists & using a person user name is also forbidden.

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      That's good to know! I am still allowed to credit other artists characters by Username though right?

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        No no. its against the rules on here to change your Username to someone elses.

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          Oh that makes sense! I thought you meant on descriptions I shouldn't use another's username. Which I had done to credit others characters and designs.

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            Unfortunately, I wont be allowed on DA for atleast 5 years. cause thats how long DA Mods keep your IP address banned for.

            I got tired of the bullying on there too.