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My Name: Danielle/Danny
Birthday: August 23rd
My sona: Fennic Fox

I Love to draw & write about my adventures in La-La land
Forbidden romances & slice of life stories
I also play piano by ear & love Disney.



Latest Journal

Devianart Issues

A long time friend of mine Sailor-Girl123 blocked my friends DeviantArt page. And I told another friend to see why and they blocked them too. kinda figured that this person would get along with Aryan because she was also a far right conservative.
& I gave Aryan permission to post my art up she didn't know at the time she couldn't do that to banned member's.

I can't be on DeviantArt right now because of the suspension me & Aryan can't go back to Devianart until April 1rst 2027. Ain't no telling what will happen within this time period. If war will break out here or what. As the War continues to progress in Europe onto other countries now.
But I talked to Sailor Girl alot she never had a problem.
when I told her my brother was a National socialist.
she had no problem with it . nor my art with Cain & Chilla

Till I started being friends with Aryan. she all of a sudden have a problem with it.

I took up Job at a Community school owned by the
National socialist community in my town.
my brother pats a Nazi so he sends his kids there.
when Aryan moved to town Patrick asked me if I could help Aryan with Sighn Language communication since noone at the school know sign language which isn't really native to Nazi culture.

I AGREED to Help Aryan I was not forced to I'm the only one that can talk to Aryan shes Non verbal Autistic & can't talk. she speaks Both German & American Sighn Language. I can speak & Translate American Sighn Language. So thats all i do there.
She can't talk to the Staff & they can't understand her without my Help.

Im not a member of that community i just go there to help that girl talk.

Aryan mentioned that in her journal post when she was on DA.
I think shes jealous that me & Aryan are friends & have been hanging out at each others houses. since she moved here from California in 2020 I met her in 2021;.

Maybe she will be better in 5 years I don't know. it depends on what happens. Ive been helping people with Disabilities
since i was a kid.

Heres her weasyl account she can't draw yet but she can Play the Harp very well she hasn't posted any up yet though

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