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We Seekers Invented This by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

We Seekers Invented This (critique requested)


^u^; Thought I'd draw something else Golden Age-y to show off some more headcanon-y Seeker designs... since the ones given in the WFC game are... either just their Prime designs or... lackluster G1-ish wannabees... don't work in a continuity where everybody else looks like sleek ancient alien mechanoid creatures... XD

Starscream is obviously the fella havin' a ball in the front and center, since he's the leader here (and also havin' the most of the funs X3). Just behind and above is Silverbolt--one of the oldest Seekers whose age and experience is straight out confirmed in the novels (he's older than most canon characters, but known to be younger than Ratchet, Prowl, and Optimus. More than likely much younger than Screamy too. About the same age as Megatron, ironically. O_o). Which means it makes total sense that Silverbolt took charge of the Aerialbots (Seekers who allied with the Autobots from the beginning of the war). He's an awesome, if under-utilized and under-loved, character. He's brave... I mean, he's a aerial fighter by choice yet is terrified of heights. XD And he also enjoys investigative programs and police shows. XD He and Prowl are, more than likely, good buds.

The other guy in the front of the frame here is Jetfire--a real sweetspark young 'un! X3 He and Starscream are/were apparently super-good friends, only being split up by the war. ;n; Sads... Well, Jet's a bit naïve--he doesn't much believe in moral grey areas (...probably a reason he and Screamer had a falling out... <.<)--but he's an epicly talented scientist. He modified himself for maximum airspeed. Imagine a kid fresh out of college with a very black-and-white view of right and wrong, the Lawful Goodest of the Lawful Good... who also has happened to master molecular biology to the point they've enhanced themself into the fastest and most efficient sprinter in the world... That's some epic Scientist Kid right there. XD And he's a giant alien robot. Who's very likely to give you a hug. He'd give Starscream a hug if he was having a bad day. X3 That's hug dedication right there...

Waaaaaaay in the back and upper region there is Skywarp trying to look all badass... XD And in the bottom, a random extra Seeker who was drawn to faintly resemble a Vehicon... more on that later. <v<;

And yes... They are enjoying a skydiving diversion... XD Well, all but Silverbolt, but he'll be fine. XD It does make sense that Seekers would skydive as a doofy extreme sport--just fly up really high, transform and drop! Aaaaaand, also don't forget to transform with some time to pull up. >.< That would be bad news. You'd get a major headache for sure. Or a bad everything-ache....