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TFP--Golden Age Seeker Chillaxation Session by SpiderMilkshake

TFP--Golden Age Seeker Chillaxation Session


<w<; Welp, "chillaxation" ain't a word... but unnnnnngghrrrh, I am mostly sleepless today/tonight, so enh. XD Chillaxation it be.

So here's a simple lil flat color draw-thing... back in the day, before the War, before all this tension and stuff, before this gladiator guy turned social rhetorician started stirring up the [giant metallic] bees, before that gladiator dude even had all that much to complain about! In the Golden Age, chillaxing was, at the very least, a weekly affair... even among the Seekers' busy Air Command. XD So why not crack open a storage cube or two of premium high-grade and watch two of your most entertaining/annoying lieutenants over-energize themselves silly?

X3c Damn, I love how Skywarp's expression turned out. He's having a booze-inspired religious experience or something... >8Dc