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Bad Case of the Grabby-Hands by SpiderMilkshake

Bad Case of the Grabby-Hands



Lessons in Giant Mecha Diplomacy:

1) When interacting with small organic beings, be sure to treat them with respect! Try not to be over-energized as this may lower one's inhibitions. Do not pick up the small creatures without their permission. Always remain dignified and trustworthy--childish or awkward behavior will lower the organics' confidence in you. Give extra effort to be friendly if you are equipped with any of the following: talons, fangs, ramming spikes, cannons, gatling guns, laser turrets, deployable blades or explosives, nullrays, magnetization disrupters or an intimidating paint job.

:dummy: Observe what not to do with the examples of Skywarp and Thundercracker... Warp... Warp... What are you even doing? XD TC's the one's that's a little drunk--and he's giving you the :stare: face. X3

<u<; Silly sketchy I should have had up last night... but I conked out... and could only get it up now because... dang, thunderstorms. Stahp with the Interweb interference, already!