Finished YCH--Kykad's Guest by SpiderMilkshake

Finished YCH--Kykad's Guest


2 July 2016 at 20:42:23 MDT

\^u^/ Yeeeeeesssss!!! It is finished! (Took me long enough... ech--but this painting is quite worth it methinks. 83c Lookit that happy dragon. Lookit dem maw cuddles. 'Tis the best thing. X3)

This is a fully-done painterly YCH piece for Yamato_Okami (FA)--featuring the delightful wolf himself enjoying/bonding with a rather cozy waterbed. X3 Waterbed of course being dragon maw. Kykad loves pets. Especially mouth pets. ^^

Finished piece should only be reuploaded by the commissioner. ^u^/
Kykad is my own character. ^w^
Yamato is, of course, Yamato_Okami.

Cheers! ^u^