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The Living Nightmare--Sketch Story 5 by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

The Living Nightmare--Sketch Story 5 (critique requested)


After the deep, saliva-drenched maw of the huge snake creature opened before him, the ram had thought the only possibility was that he was about to die, or worse eaten alive and allowed to perish however fate decided inside the beast. But the jaws and their sharp fangs did not snap down on him--instead the teeth sheared through the hobble pinning his front legs together.

Confused, but obviously relieved, the ram stared up at the scaly giant, for the first time noting the drying tears and the softened expression. The coils no longer seemed to grip him, but form a smooth, secure nest around him. It seemed that between the callous keeper and the monster, the monster was the kinder one.

\ouo/ I told y'all it'd be okay! ^w^; Though I'm certainly not done with the vore in this sketchcomic... but for this situation--trust is key! This sheepy fella may yet be slarped... but only when things are properly prepared and the ram is sure he's not being harmed. ^w^