Fancy Spider Brunch~ by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Fancy Spider Brunch~ (critique requested)


18 April 2016 at 14:37:06 MDT

^w^; Can't help it--Akand was not meant to have much vore to do with him in-story, but I cain't halp it~! 8D I just gotta. He's got such a cool design and so skinny normally--a full tum is just gwuuuursh. >u<;

So, here is Akand trying out some noms with a centipede friend. ^u^ As etiquette and common courtesy requires, of course Sir Centipede was served brunch first! And then Master Anasi gets "brunch". X3

He would probably laud noms as a wonderful option for weight loss... XD

"It's great! I don't feel hungry at all so no boredom snacking! ^^w^^"

"-___- That's because you ate an entire live centipede almost half your size, sir... you know, me." XD