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Leaving Weasyl

Hi everybody,

I am going to be discontinuing this account to concentrate on my Furaffinity gallery and facebook page, as well as an incoming updated website. Everybody is welcome to join me on these other sites, and this journal will remain to redirect anyone who would be interested in doing so.


See you around folks!

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    Since I know you to appreciate Lovecraft's works, I thought it would be kind of I to leave you this little glimpse of humour:

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      Hahahaha that is excellent, gorgeous painting!

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    Your art displays such vivid dynamism and life! You have a keen grasp of the dramatic, fantastical and the atmospheric, and your crafts are just as creative. I hope you don't mind another follower!

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      I mind not at all! Thank you so much. :)

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    Hello, Spiderdragon! How are you?

    I just wanted to say, I have completed your challenge and here is the poem I contrived:
    I am eager to hear your opinion.

    PS: You get another poem if you guess what it is about c:

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      Hi Ed! I am well, thank you for asking. c: Likewise, how are you?

      I left a reply on your poem's comment page, I enjoyed reading it! :D Tis an honour to have been able to supply the subject. c:

      I get another poem you say! Is it about dragons? :D

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        I am magnificent, as always. c:
        Seriously now, I am doing good really, I got Easter Holiday now so I am welcoming the relaxation!
        Other than that, I am working on crafting myself some armour, a roman chainmail, Lorica Hamata. Quite tedious but satisfying nonetheless, I also need to make myself some other equipment parts too. All of this made of steel... some leather, and brass, where applicable. My equipment needs to be done before 1st of May when our first reenactment event starts.
        Hopefully, I will learn to make more intricate crafts, jewelry, accessories and more soon.

        I am glad you enjoyed the poem, by the way! And yes, you get another poem, and yes, about dragons, if you want it so c: But if there anything else you want in there...

        It is nice to hear of you again, by the way!

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          Glad to hear! I just looked up Lorica Hamata and that seems like a tedious weave indeed. I have a friend who lives nearby, a mailler, I've seen him work and even tried some links myself, it's a bit trying to do a lot in one sitting. Good luck with the project and the re-enactment!

          And hoi I didn't realize I had options. :D Actually, I have an idea for you, if you wish, I want to see your take on it. Think of a sandstone-pearl city encircled by mountains, protected from wars and violence, and yet a fount of magic and scholarship, whose peace is soon to be shattered by a shadow beyond the mountains.

          What do you think?