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The Third Degree by SpetsnazKaz

The Third Degree


♫ Звездопад дорог от зарниц
Грозы седлают коней,
Но над землей тихо льется покой

А поверх седых облаков
Синь, соколиная высь
Здесь, под покровом небес
мы родились

След оленя лижет мороз,
Гонит добычу весь день,
Но стужу держит в узде
дым деревень
Намела сугробов пурга,
Дочь белозубой зимы
Здесь, в окаеме снегов
выросли мы

Нас точит семя орды,
Нас гнет ярмо басурман,
Но в наших венах кипит
небо славян
И от Чудских берегов
До ледяной Колымы
Все это наша земля, все это мы ♫

Алиса - Небо Славян - 2008
(My favorite Russian-language song; turn on the captions in the video for English)

Similar in theme to my last picture, I made this to commemorate an important event in Russian history only in me doing so a little early. May is almost here, which means important holidays such as May Day and Victory Day will be celebrated extravagantly in Moscow. Really eager to await the celebration, as I've been following it on RT, RIA Novosti, and The Moscow Times. The Russian Army will be prepared to showcase its new Armata tank, having capabilities better than any tank in the world, even better than Germany's Leopard tanks. I attended only one of these parades back in 2009 when I visited Russia with my family and we went to Moscow.

Anyways, here's a simple yet really patriotic picture of Larissa, Mishya, and Karen (left to right) dressed in navy attire (as they all served in the navy at one time) marching in line as the background is in the colors of their flag. They are all holding gold-and-wood finish AK-74 rifles and don the classic telnyashka.

(I kind of cheated a little on this pic in drawing one body and tracing it three times and drawing from there; yet from afar it looks like they have different body shapes... the only real flaw is height comparison)

Last year's May 9th picture.
Слава героям Родины!

Larissa, Mishya, and Karen © SpetsnazKaz

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