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~Progress Shot~ by Sparkyopteryx

~Progress Shot~


20 May 2015 at 14:27:28 MDT

More Ulysses art! Working steadily on his ridiculously complex design sheet and I figure I'd throw the lines for the first shot up here since it also does a good job of showing all of the miscellaneous details of his physiology. He takes forever to ink but I live for complex inking so it's not a problem.

More to come although I'm not sure when, heh.

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    All those little details to his body design are impressive. Really love all the plating on his torso.

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    Really like his design <3!! He still have those inner Organ under those plating?

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      Thank you kindly! Ooh, that's a tricky and involved question to answer and even though I'd be tempted to bend your ear explaining it I'll try to make it the shorter version. Most of his body and internal organs are gone, replaced with an intricate series of nanotubes that contain a substance commonly called "nanoglobin." The only soft tissue he still has are kidneys, reproductive organs, larynx, brain and the upper part of his face. Everything else is synthetic now!

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        ohh... wait.. Reproductive organ O_o!? He still has that!?!!

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          Yes, for multiple reasons. #1: To help keep hormone levels stable as to not imbalance brain chemistry, which is especially important for cyborgs who have recently been "re-purposed" (a word used in his setting that denotes a transition from being biological to synthetic) as it helps keep their self-identity intact. #2: All cyborgs in the setting he's from are entitled to most basic human rights, including the right to continue to have children if they so choose after being re-purposed. Incidentally he chose to keep that right.

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            Oooo..well I think he need to be careful not to crush his mate under his metallic body when having that reproductive activity >w>''...