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Scherinit portrait study by Sparkyopteryx

Scherinit portrait study


16 December 2014 at 17:36:11 MST

Oh hey look guys, I did a portrait color study with markers that I don't hate! Tried a slightly different approach to coloring and it came out so much better than past attempts.

This is an oooolllld character from 2009 or so ago that I hardly ever draw. She was initially based off of an African Bush Viper but considering she lives in a jungle, tends the mystical Riverways and waterways and is a big girl, I think changing her to a Green Anaconda makes a whole hell of a lot more sense. Also, Anacondas were my original favorite snakes when I was like, 7 years old haha (one of the few kids that was not terrified of giant snakes, go figure).

So here, have a portrait of what she looks like now. A full study and reference will be forthcoming at some point. Done with a mess of Prismacolor markers, Tombow pens and a few Copic Ciao markers with a Copic multiliner.

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    Absolutely gorgeous looking, you'll be drawing her again I hope?

    I think your choice to change her design base was an exceedingly good one and it was fun to offer my thoughts here and there while you were doing it. It turned out even better than expected!

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      I will be; still planning the project after all. Hoping it'll pan out!

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    Gorgeous colouring!

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      Thank you! It's taken forever, but with each attempt my marker coloring is looking less and less butts.