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:Commission: Pick of the Loot by Sparkyopteryx

:Commission: Pick of the Loot


15 December 2014 at 11:05:11 MST

"Hurry it up with that bag Ceryl, the dragon could awaken at any m-- hey!"

An inked scene commission for the most awesome Ahst depicting two of his adventuring characters. Ceryl (the sergal in the foreground) has taken quite a fancy to an especially eye-catching and expensive-looking dagger in that giant loot bag they're hauling away. Problem is, Siril (the elf in the background) was also eying that same item earlier. Anything that happened or happens now is up to your imagination!

Lots of great fun on this one, despite the fact that I have been struggling with a lack of energy lately. It's always enjoyable when I get characters and freedom to run with them, and I increasingly have been wanting to do scenes and illustrative art. I predict that may seriously take off in 2015.

Done with Staedtler ink liners on 8.5''x11'' pen sketch paper. Art is mine, characters belong to Ahst.

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Visual / Traditional


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    That's a huge sack of loot! How are they going to get it away without making too much noise?

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      The funniest thing is, that question was at the forefront of my mind from the very beginning. Instead of making it easy to extrapolate or give such an answer away in the picture, I thought it'd be a lot more fun for the individual viewer to figure it out. It's possible even they don't fully know how they're going to do it yet.

      A draft horse? A magic wagon? An extra-dimensional haversack they'll stuff it into? Or perhaps just good old pushing and dragging while attempting to not curse or lose any of it. You decide! Any of it could lead to hilarious results and high-jinx.

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    Once again: I absolutely love how this turned out. Looks gorgeous, the characters are great, and the impracticality of the bag of loot is just a wonderful little touch.

    There will definitely be hilarious results and hijinx as a result.

    Thanks so much for taking this on!

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      This was definitely a step forward in me wanting to do inked character scenes that are easily translated to other viewers. Also, it's just more fun than "simple character picture." I love it when clients give me context and background for their creations; it makes the characterization that much better. I think I was channeling a bit of Looney Toons and The Grinch with drawing that bag, heh.

      You are entirely welcome!

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    Forget the spirit of Christmas, this was definitely the spirit of Wario you were feeling. This picture is great and I'd love to see you do more. I could see it inside of a pen and paper book.

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      ...Yeah, Wario is an excellent analog, although Ceryl thankfully is decidedly less gross and creepy. I love doing illustrations like this in pen because instead of having to worry so much about color, you can worry more about composition, proper character position and mood.