Pair of creepies. by Sparkyopteryx

Pair of creepies.


3 May 2014 at 14:08:23 MDT

I'm...not actually sure how to properly categorize this, so as a direct result of that I feel a little self-conscious posting it. It was supposed to be a page of character development sketches (technically that description still fits) and I really wanted to detail these two in more. But then there was this blank space on the bottom that was originally for sketches but...they looked too nice to have mere gesture lines below, so I went with a more artistic approach and added a concept for what their "marriage heraldry" would look like. I have not pinned down what conventions gnomish heraldry have yet in my Alteir setting though, so that will be prone to changes down the road I'm sure. I guess just slap a "character & setting development page" label on this and call it good.

My character on the right has actually been in conceptual development for several months now; this just happens to be the first image of her I scanned. Once I finish the compilation for her development, you will no doubt see more of Black Doctor Leta.

I really hope I've been pushing my graphite skills more and more, but for whatever reason I've been having difficulty being able to tell objectively. I'm certainly doing better at integrating color into it though. I really need to stop doing so much hackneyed "half art" and get back to more of the meaty, involved stuff....

Graphite pencils, paper stump, kneaded eraser and Coloursoft pencils; heraldry also inked with pigment liners. Characters belong to myself and MisterMidnight

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    Become president and have that bottom pic printed on money.

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    I absolutely love that...quote? Logo? Crest? I'm not sure what to call it.

    And the top is surprisingly sweet.

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      In loose heraldic terms, it'd be a crest with motto. I'd like to do more studies on my setting's different heraldry and synmbolism. I could do paaaages of that stuff...

      Of course, because as you know the more dark, creepy and gothic it is, the cuter it is.

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    This pleases Lord Whitby.

    But in all seriousness, I adore this piece as you might imagine. I'm pleasantly surprised you went with my suggestions for the bottom and happy to see it worked out well.

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      I would certainly hope so!

      Well hey, it was a good idea, and gave me some insight as to aspects of my character and the setting, so yes it worked out nicely.

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    Liches <3