Windswept I by Sparkyopteryx

Windswept I


6 April 2014 at 19:50:29 MDT

Do you know those rare moments when you happen upon a small stack of mostly unfinished sketches and work from a few years (or more) ago, and actually like one of them enough to finish it? That was the case with this one. The sketch was from 2011 and was more or less already finished, so I decided to give it some inks; I pretty much followed all of the lines from the original old pencils, except I ink so much better these days than I did two years ago. Then I decided to make it one of those experimental types of pieces that artists get the itch to do every once in a while, so I brushed and dusted on some chalk pastels.

It was originally intended as a "Winter" image of my dryad character Aldawenye, but her identity becomes rather hard to pick out when she's like this, so I don't really consider it a definitive "character picture." Definitely inspired by those weathered, windswept husks trees become when exposed to the elements on the top of cliffs, although I used no references.

Will be uploading the black and white inks shortly. Done with 0.3 and 0.1 Staedtler pigment liners and brushed on chalk pastel dusting. Approx. 9x12, and it took me about 4 and a half hours from start to finish.

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    I absolutely love it when you do these sorts of pictures, I really do. It hits a special spot for me.

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      The experimental work I do certainly seems more..."raw," that's for sure. I'm actually kind of thankful I had the opportunity to revisit that old sketch so I could do it some proper justice.

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    Looks like some kinda Ent. Anyway, Really like it. "Illustration" type stuff just looks cool as shit.

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      Indeed; Ents, dryads, faeries...I love the "personification" of plants in fantasy art. I'd like to do more art along the vein of illustrative work, since it's a lot of fun to do and really helps spark the imagination.

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    Absolutely gorgeous

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    Hey sparky thats totally awesome. Great line work with the inking and the colours look awesome. That kind of media always intrigues me but its far too messy for me as are pastels xD

    A humanoid tree form is very interesting.

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      The ink I use is quite clean actually; not much smudging at all! The chalk pastels on the other hand however make a huge mess. Never attempt pastels unless you don't mind the surrounding surface turning multicolored, ha!

      I love to "anthropomorphize" plant things even more than animals or other creatures, actually. It's like each individual plant or tree have their own sort of personality...

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        I totally get that, I do a lot of inking with my outlines and linework, but I would not be able to use chalk or pastels, too messy and im probably too impatient, but at the same time i love the way they blend.

        That kind of stuff is great, my imagination just doesnt seem to work that way Dx
        yours is great though, I always admire people who do such work ;3