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Style Foray: Topaz by Sparkyopteryx

Style Foray: Topaz


29 November 2013 at 16:48:47 MST

I read some very sage pieces of advice regarding artists and style, as well as reaching into your inspirational roots. It talks about stretching your art muscles and trying out stylistic effects from other works that have influenced you over the years. Here are the comics in question. Check them out, they are very enlightening:

In the vein of those comics, I want to take a more earnest crack at stylizing and giving more "elastic" personality to my characters. Considering the works of Bill Watterson and Don Bluth were the kinds of things I immersed myself in when I was a kid, I want to see how much I can push the envelope with this more "cartoon" work, which is a far cry from the types of things I normally make. I may even come out of it with lessons that I can apply to all of my art.

So, these pages are a result of all that messing around. My old character Topaz was up first, and I found out quickly that she is very easy to stylize, and a lot of fun to draw in this sort of style as well (not that she isn't fun to draw in other styles). The brush pen helped immensely in freeing me from my more exacting methods and forced me to think more about the movement, expression and the form and less of the details comprising said form.

Will be doing these for my other "main" characters as well. They make a good warm-up before commission work too.

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    I like these sketches but why in the world would someone who can do such realistic work want to do more "cartoony" stuff??

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      Because I love the perspective shift sometimes; it helps me as an individual and as an artist. It's fun! Like being able to play in a sandbox by yourself every once in a while. Doesn't mean I'm abandoning my individual style at all though, these are more like an occasional thing.

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    Because "realistic" is not the be-all end-all of expression.

    These turned out really well. The poses all turned out to be very lively, and that main wing on the second page is stunning. I'm not sure how far you intend to go pushing stylization, but this is a solid start.

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      "Because "realistic" is not the be-all end-all of expression."

      So true, so true.

      Thank you. Since I feel less restrained by "real" physics I'm more inclined to put extra movement in the figures, like with the wing you mentioned. I'm hoping that this will make me more flexible in trying new things with my more realistic, detailed work as well. I'd like to go farther, at least far enough that I occasionally make some polished work or some comic pages in this style, but I'll just have to play it by ear!

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    Holy crap the shapesss!!!!!!!! O: The beak!! The legs! Wow. *o*

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      Haha, thank you! Drawing in this style is becoming just a little addicting...

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        You should definitely do it more! Say, would you trade a page like this with me?

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          Seriously? I'd love to! It just so happens I'm free to do some trades; you can go ahead and note me whenever you're ready to discuss it in more detail.