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:Commission: Spar by Sparkyopteryx

:Commission: Spar


15 January 2016 at 16:17:46 MST

First fully finished piece of 2016, and it's another commission for CuetCalib. This idea came about when we were talking about fighting styles among our GW2 characters, specifically our warriors. I was talking about how Oort is especially skilled at grappling, tripping and take-down maneuvers, and since Cuet actually practices judo, the conversation got steered towards throwing. So here's Oort demonstrating one such technique as he has a friendly spar with his character Koozk in Vigil headquarters.

It was great having the opportunity not only to do a sparring scene but also incorporate some actual, accurate martial arts into the mix (thanks to him for the guidance and help). Really, really starting to like this approach and style to ballpoint pieces as well.

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    Nice and fun idea for it i imagine asura would be incredibly good at grappling and take downs with how grounded and stocky they are

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      Yeah, that was exactly what we were talking about! I've always theorized they have greater-than-average muscle density for their size, and of course having lower center of gravity is always an extreme advantage in martial arts.

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        It makes scene considering their origin everything kinda fits into place when you think about it like the spiked feet and sharp claws for climbing and holding to rocks underground stuff like that the pressure they would of been under would of forced them to have a higher mass density to cope with it

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    Aghhh you make the best GW2 artwork -sobs- that pencil shading and technique just brings it all to life!

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      Ah man, thank you! Also an interesting side note, this is all entirely in ballpoint! It just so happens when I shade with it it's almost impossible to tell it apart from graphite. Probably why I like using it so much.

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        Whaaat DAAAMmmmnnn! THATS BALLPOINT! whaaa you're too much y'know that.