Troll and goblinkin physiology studies and thoughts by Sparkyopteryx

Troll and goblinkin physiology studies and thoughts


14 December 2015 at 14:56:59 MST

In-progress redesign and revisit of my longstanding troll fighter character Tall'tk Grimwalker. The accompanying other sketches were from some spontaneous worldbuilding talk on Twitter about the similarities between trollkin and goblinkin in Alteir, which I'm posting here for better organization, and also that I'm trying to get better at sharing more of my worldbuilding and setting-specific musings:

~A dead giveaway for the common ancestry between trolls and goblins are things like dentition (general arrangement of teeth), number of fingers and toes (three fingers and a thumb and four toes) among other things depending on subraces.

~Extreme physiological exaggeration of features and mutations such as large ears, noses, hands and the like are common with giant and goblinkin. Obviously some are more beneficial and suited to a subrace's environment better than others. Spontaneous expression of extremely light-sensitive eyes is detrimental to a goblin that was born as a surface subrace, for instance.

~Another great example of this: Vetch's HUGE ears depicted here. He's a hill goblin that somehow got the ears of a deep variety. He lacks the obvious tragus of deep goblins though. The addition of him being rather lop-eared is especially rare. In Alteir ears like that are referred to as "hound-eared," coined in Avignion centuries ago for the prominent type of hunting hound there that usually have semi-drop ears.

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