Mind Wrack by Sparkyopteryx

Mind Wrack


2 August 2015 at 16:46:27 MDT

I wager you're going to have a monstrous headache in a second...

Finished ink and marker commission illustration for an awesome individual, CuetCalib . It depicts his mesmer Jaehm the instant he's shattering his illusions, a fantastic idea that I originally credit as his. We both thought it make for something truly exciting so I ran with it to great effect if I may say so. Thanks for all of the wonderful back-and-forth and keeping me company throughout the duration of it Cuet!

This was a huge step forward for me in regards to approach, execution and technique in usage of my Copics. I actually had to order a few new markers just for this piece even. There are tons of details and subtleties in this, so I'll probably be uploading some detail shots in a moment.

Done with Copic multiliners and markers on smooth bristol. 9''x12''. About 20 hours all told, from sketch to finish.

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    Holy mother of--! This is gorgeous! The detail, the textures, the colors! Wow!
    I envy your skill in the permanent art mediums. Breathtaking work.

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      Thank you kindly! I sure did push the envelope regarding my skills in this, everything ended up being well worth the risk! The colors I was nervous about especially since I'm definitely not used to such bright, vibrant hues like this but it ended up coming together.