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Who are we? We're a family of furries that run servers and events for other furries as well as anyone in between! Don't let our name fool you, we're not a Christian group, we're named after the Southern star (Crux) constellation! Why? Attracts less trolls and ... the owner is a Crux.

We run game servers for all sorts of games, either hosted by us directly or some very smart and trustworthy others. Our group is supported by the many wonderful people in it and continues to grow to this day.

Our website aims to be the best website a gaming community can have, featuring all sorts of helpful information, tools, fun stuff and more.

And finally, we don't aim to be the biggest group, just the best. Would you like to join us? Click the welcome link below!


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Interested in helping run a server?

Shameless twitter link because Steam filters out my google document links

Shameless+ request for retweets too :3333

Do YOU want to be the head admin for the SCG Sven Coop server? Come check out the form above and toss in your name!

Originally posted by Rowdy:
I describe a head admin as the main person in charge of a server or servers of a specific game. The person in this role is usually someone knowledgeable about the game in particular and wants to ensure a fun experience for an SCG operated server

A server head is someone who can gather input and suggestions from the community and then discuss them with me after making some informed decisions. Because of the many tasks I run, I can't always be on top of everything, so having a person who can help process information at the response of the community is extremely helpful.

A head admin doesn't need to know anything technical, all hardware / server side code is still within my control and any maintenance, additions, security, etc is all handled by me. A head admin is a guiding voice as to what I should be doing during maintenance times.

If that sounds interesting to you, check out the form on that tweet and see if that still sounds interesting, also feel free to help spread the word!

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