Welcome to SCG! by Southern Cross Gaming

Welcome to SCG!

Southern Cross Gaming

28 November 2016 at 18:35:51 MST


What is SCG?

SCG is a furry run gaming group run by ... me. I'm Rowdy! Nice to meet ya.
I started SCG in late 2010 with some help from my best friend Ty, he taught me a ton of stuff about server hosting and allowed me to run a server for his own group.

I decided to branch off on my own so I could have more freedom to run stuff, and hence ... SCG!
SCG has slowly built up a good name over the years, I've never really tried to advertise us or anything like that, but it's done good on its own.

So why 'Southern Cross'?

The joke is that we're a Christian group, but that's not really the case. It's actually named after the star constellation, The Southern Cross, but the nickname of said constellation is 'The crux'. My species happens to be ... a Crux.

What do I need to know before joining this group?

SCG's goal is to be fun. Fun to play on, fun things to do, fun people, fun conversation.

We abide by free speech and encourage the exchange of ideas, nothing is too outlandish or crazy to say as long as you're not targeting someone specifically. As long as you're open minded and mindful of others, all is well.

We know the difference in trying to make someone laugh and trying to piss them off, don't push it!
Otherwise, you're safe here, I personally love playing detective so if any sort of issues pop up, feel free to ask me for help!

Who is Poe?

Poe Stallmann is SCG's official mailman, basically ... he is a bot account who is tasked with sending all of his friends important information about SCG! Any group events, notices, and important bits are all sent to people who offer friendship with Poe!

He was tasked with this to help get the word around SCG when stuff would happen. Steam isn't that good at group messages, it's so easy to lose them. Not a lot of people might know what is going on in the group because they simply miss out! So by adding Poe, they will get all the messages that come in!

You can add him too! Even if you're not in SCG! Just send him an invite on his Steam profile!

How do I join?

Send a message here : Joining SCG thread!

Can I use the tag? {SCG}

Yes! There is no special requirement for using it.

Also here are some other sites and junk for you

New users guide - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/southerncrossgaming/discussions/0/412447331650865093/
Steam group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/southerncrossgaming
Website - https://www.southerncrossgaming.org/
Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/SrnCrossGaming/
Wikifur - http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/SouthernCross_Gaming
Introduce yourself - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/southerncrossgaming/discussions/0/412447331650936803/