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Hi! Welcome to my little corner of Weasyl! I'm Sound-of-Heaven, but you can call me Amane or Ammy if you like. My deviantART account is my main account (hence why you will see a watermark that says "" on all my art), but I thought it would be a good idea to branch out a little and try some other sites as well, and so here I am. Most of my art on the two accounts will be the same, but in some cases, such as with adoptables I might be selling for dA points, please feel free to check out my account over there. I might have some babies looking for homes that might interest you!

Well, that's all for now I guess. Maybe later I'll edit this to make it sound better. Thanks for stopping by! :)




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    Well hello again!! Thank you so much for the fave on weasyl as well! X3

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    Hello, thanks for the watch! <3

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    Thank you very much for the Fav <3

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    Thank you so much for the fave!!

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    Thank you so much for adding my picture to your favorites. :)

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    Thanks for faving