Eva- Human Avatar 2019 by SorenKisamora

Eva- Human Avatar 2019


9 July 2019 at 14:06:12 MDT

In the Third Image from my little Drawing Adventure we have, Shockingly, the Human Version of Eva. Well adjusted to reflect the Pear Shaped Figure I always say her Family Line shows off. Though it may be a -tad- Exaggerated here because I can~. Very often I prefer to make a small adjustment to Eva's outfit anytime i draw her in a way to try and tweak and find a perfect setup that I like for her. In thise case I adjusted her knife design again to thin it out from the absurd curve it had before. Last time saw a change to her top so i went with the bottoms instead. As i really like how they are now I didn't do much. added some more Seam detail to her as well as changing how the sides of the shorts look. Gone are the slits in the sides to see red cloth underneath and instead the red fabric is sewn into the top of the shorts. Think more of an athletic shorts look..if those shorts were a little snug on your nice thick hips~

Like the last image this one also Features thinner lines than the last and a bit more attempt at toying with lights. This is also where I realized I may get an interesting coloring effect with watercolors so Odds are my next drawing will toy with that idea. I didn't want to screw up any Eva drawings with any crazy ideas I had midway through.

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