Blacksmith Gwen 2019 by SorenKisamora

Blacksmith Gwen 2019


13 July 2019 at 15:02:59 MDT

5th Drawing in my Current Set.
so to continue with my Characters I don't use much I updated my Blacksmith, Gwen as well. Notably here is changing the arm for her Tribal-esque pattern as well as changing her Hammer. a bit better detail to it as well as shrinking the size so it feels like it would be easier to use [though still silly for her height to be flailing it around with ease]. The idea being that Gwen likes to get into Combat and her enormous Blacksmithing Hammer was too much of a Burden to use, so she Forged this smaller one instead. Her Tools are also excluded here as they would just deter eyes away from the coloring work and clutter the waist up anyways. This was simpler to deal with and better looking In my opinion.

my Light Work needs well..more work still here. If I make my Linework any thinner i'd probably have difficulty actually applying it. Still my goal there is to get it thin enough that it sort of blends into the colorwork. I'll probably lower the size one more time in the Final drawing in the set.

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