All Cops Are Bad by SonicSpirit

All Cops Are Bad


3 June 2020 at 23:19:33 MDT

I made a thing. FIGHT FASCISM! Black Lives Matter.

You’re right, all racism is bad. And there may be singular lovely individuals who are cops. However, they are all complicit in an overly aggressive force with little to no consequences delivered to repeated violent misuse of power, usually targeting POC and LGBT+ members of the community. When the same force that can one week keep their cool while morons winging about haircuts and wearing masks for public safety are waving guns around, and the next week kneel on a man’s throat on camera for nine minutes, until he dies (and NO ONE is charged for this murder for an entire week), there is a huge problem. This is not a singular case, not this week, year, or decade. It is a solid pattern, and no one in a position of power is holding these “public servants” to any sort of reasonable standard, so they are ALL complicit. Plus, hey, when an officer does speak out and stop her co-workers she gets fired. So yes, all cops are bad. The good ones get fired.

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    Gotta love people who promote stereotypes in order to justify harm to an entire class of people, whether by race, gender, or work occupation.
    I mean, how would we ever overcome bigotry in any form if we never indulged in bigotry in every form?
    blows bubbles from Sherlock pipe

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    Well, hope you have your own firearm close at hand so that you can deal with threats all by yourself. Can't trust law enforcement, apparently.

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      Well, I’m a trans guy, so no, I couldn’t. They’re far more likely to sympathize with the individual doing the victimization, or if it’s “merely” threats or stalking, do nothing.

      Most law enforcement will tell you that their hands are tied “until there’s been an actual crime.” Their job isn’t to protect anyone, it’s to punish people, and as far as criminal justice goes, punishment doesn’t work. First of all, it should never come from a group of paramilitary first responders, and secondly the United States’s rate of recidivism is incredibly high. Criminal justice needs to be about rehabilitation for the good of everyone—it costs less money to simply provide decent welfare programs than indefinite incarceration.

      But besides all that, the police are currently shooting people at point blank range with rubber bullets, which where designed to be bounced along the ground to break groups apart, not take out people’s eyes, and tear gas, which violates the Geneva convention, sometimes expired tear gas, which breaks down into a more deadly form. So yeah. These individuals who are supposed to protect people are committing war crimes against their own citizens, and the “good cops” are either doing nothing to stop them, or are fired for doing so.

      The system is broken, all cops are bad.