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Goo-Filled Girl by Somnax

Goo-Filled Girl


Originally posted on FA on 13 Oct, 2015

Seems someone was lucky enough to stumble upon Latias... not quite so lucky for her, though, since they also decided to force-feed her some expanding goo and leave her out of anybody's way to deal with it herself.

However much goo there is, she's starting to leak a bit... but there's still the question of whether it'll be too much for her growing belly.

Well, this took a relatively short time to finish, which was still a bit longer than it should've been. As I had hoped, Latias was pretty bloody easy to draw.

Since I don't feel like going on about all of the usual stuff (and I'm basically just happy with how most of the lineart turned out, lazy background aside and ignoring how my computer just upright froze at one point), I'll just say that I think this marks some new progress with shading. The bush in the foreground is... questionable, but I feel like I put a bit more thought into the shading elsewhere and was able to manage some relatively subtle effects, like the shape of her wing, that I've screwed up in the past. Skimpy backgrounds are nothing new for me, but I at least don't think it looks terrible... maybe.

Whatever your thoughts are on those things, it helps for me to hear them. More feedback means having a better idea of what I'm doing and what you guys want, which in turn means better inflation-things for you guys. It's a mutual deal :U