Steamy Filling - 2 by Somnax

Steamy Filling - 2


31 May 2016 at 16:49:07 MDT

Originally posted on FA on 21 Mar, 2015

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Well, I'm not sure if they saw it coming, but a houndoom's high internal temperature is bound to make for some fun results. I'm actually kind of surprised - a houndoom can stretch out more than you'd think. Of course, how much more one could stretch is another matter...

Nothing for our little (maybe not) houndoom to do but try to hold themselves together while it all builds up inside, I suppose.

To be honest, this has given me some really nice practice for quadrupeds. Before this, I was basically just drawing the various eevees at 90º angle, but I think I've gotten plenty of experience from this little series. It took forever because I didn't have as much free time as usual (and because the hind legs troubled me for a while), but this was actually pretty fun. I don't think the background turned out as nicely, though - I pondered including a sink to the right, but I felt that'd make things too busy.

Honestly... I think this turned out pretty fine. Non-anthro stuff seems to be easy like that for me. My only real complaint is that the houndoom's paw looks kind of messed up - I originally intended for it to be kind of flexed and stiffened in discomfort, but it doesn't really look that way, I don't think. That aside, we have a nice taut houndoom :U

I'm not entirely sure if I'll continue this with popping. If I do, it'll be a (decent, I assure you) edit of this image instead of something entirely new. I think this is a really nice angle for bursting, anyways. It'd also be a nice chance to practice steam effects... maybe I'll do the last part of this before I move onto the zoroark series again.

Whatever your thought on that last bit is, I appreciate whatever input you have to give. Feedback from viewers means that I better know what they want, which means more of the fun inflate-y stuff you're into. I can't please everyone, sure, but I still want to be able to take everyone into consideration. Comments just make me feel nice, too, if that matters at all to you :u