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Shower Size Testing - 1 by Somnax

Shower Size Testing - 1


Originally posted on FA on 3 Nov, 2014

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As it turns out, a certain species of pokémon has taken my attention lately: goodra. Having had the pleasure of meeting one in person, I suppose we should answer the obvious question:

Just how big can they get?

Well, this is just me finally getting around to bringing an idea to life that I've had for a while. Goodras just seem to have a nice body shape for this sort of thing, and their bellies always seemed to just be teasing me with the concept. That, and them being made of goo amused me, and I always imagined them to basically be a bunch of goo contained in a membrane of sorts. That brought certain images to mind that you'll get to see later on.

Anyhow, I can't complain about how this turned out. The background's decent enough, I suppose - I actually ended up looking at some shower interiors for ideas, not that it meant much in the end. I do wish that I could have added a tad of shine to the goodra, but I'm not sure how I would have done so in a way that would have satisfied me. Oh well, I suppose - I'm still happy with it overall. There's something about the expression in this particular part that I really like, as well.

Like always, feedback of any sort is appreciated. Makes me feel like I'm actually making stuff for people instead of throwing this stuff out into the great void that is the internet.

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