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Established in 2001, our main website is designed to be an informational hub for furries in Southern California. However, we have created accounts on social sites, including this Weasyl account so we may connect with the creative furries in Southern California.

We consider “Southern California” to cover San Luis Obispo to San Diego and even all the way east to the Inland Empire/Palm Springs area. Several events take place weekly, some annually, and we welcome all who can show up. We have members on the list that are from all over the USA to those in Europe and Australia, so while we are a specialized locale, most of us always are happy meeting someone new.

Having a local gathering? Let us know! Whether you have something ongoing, or a larger (or more involved) party/event, we can help boost your signal.... Check out our calendar to see current events. You may also submit to our contact form (this is preferrred over Weasyl notes).

If you have reached this page and are a :Socalfurs, by all means leave a shout here so others may find you.

If you want to chat real-time with people, come visit [b]#socalfurry[/b] on IRC,

SoCal Furs and is maintained by Catwoman69y2k

Latest Journal

Long Overdue Post About Furbee-cuuueee!!

First, a bit of post-FurBQ 2018 update. Really, I think our reaction can best be described as "pleasantly knocked over with a feather", on just how many different kinds of energy filled our event with love and encouraged positive experience.

The event was an even larger turnout, due to all the furs that came in from out of town to support Dogbomb. We knew there was going to be a small group for the morning, as many of you were walking it out for ALS research. We were prepared for this and, when the ALS walk was over, Stego (and Leo Tsubasa) had quite the work ahead. We were only sorry that we didnt see The Dogbomb Himself, but good dogs need to rest their paws.

By early afternoon, our usual population numbers returned, and we hit that peak time. People created groupings of blankets and folding chairs, creating social areas all along the grassy area by the wall. Furries burst out into ecstatic dance in the California sunshine. Thanks to the San Diego Furries, we hit the largest "fursuit lounge" yet, and it was so spacious even with all the fursuiters that join us. Chance the Dragon, Ceasie and other San Diego furries were happy to help keep people hydrated. You really made it that much easier for people to fursuit. Soon it was time to take the group photo. Without warning, Stego and I found ourselves pulled into the group photo. Suddenly, we were surrounded by all the fluffy good energy, even if it was an unexpected thing (oh, Chance... you are such a persuasive dragon).

Our November contingency plan did afford some cool weather. We were happy that the bees did not return. There was a decent amount of cleanup ahead of us, and the earlier park closure presented a challenge. Also, we did have more possessions left behind, that left us scrambling for room when we packed out. Thanks to Janala Blackspire, Brum Da Bronze, Kirimi Blackspire, Chance, and Howlie for being able to stick around and help us. We really wanted to get that lawn area extra clean.

Special Thanks To

  • Leo Tsubasa for taking up the extra grilling area and helping with all the furs that came in around 1 or 2, hungry as heck.
  • Ubervoop for giving us a generous sized cooler to use for the event. We will work on getting this back to you. Also, this is the man responsible for those awesome buttons, gifts, and stickers celebrating our 20th year. You do not know how many smiles you created, and providing some memorable keepsakes. Oh, and the piñata! So many furries took a whack at this one.
  • Chance (our fursuit photo wrangling dragon)
  • Ahki for bringing your coffee set-up. Breakfast food, coffee and tea have become a regular thing for us early risers.
  • Ceasie and all the San Diego furs who made this so awesome (I know I forgot so many of the names that should be on this line)
  • Seppo Kun, Ryker Husky and Blue Hasia for taking so many wonderfully composed photos of this event

Looking forward, its time to plan for this event all over again. These last few weeks, we were able to check into fall dates.

SoCal FurBQ 2019 will take place on Saturday, September 28th

This will be our 21st annual event, and will be back on the Summer hours. Our event is for furries of all kinds, and their fans. In the next months, we will be working on planning and gathering resources to see if we cant make this another memorable one!

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    I'm a Washington State, guy, myself, but I thank you for your favey thingy! Stay sunny!

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    Can you post notice about WCF on Steam and FA? I know there are Socal Furs groups there.

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      Im afraid I cannot do that. Summercat is the admin who runs the FA group. You may need to get in touch with him directly. As for the Steam group... that is not a group that we have in our Network. Looks like its a group entirely seperate from SoCalFurs and obviously not within the SoCalFurs Network.

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      However, I have just sent Summercat an email to see if I can get ar esponse from him in any case. Very sorry for the inconvienience.

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        No sweat, Chet. It's all good.

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          any chance you knwo who mods the steam one? Ill see if I cant poike around and find out about it.

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            Do not but this month's meet was bleh. Only one other showed up. OH! I'll have to hit up the yahoo group. Slight location change. It'll be baseball diamond #2. They're all designated with numbers on the fences. I'll send pics soon.