Established in 2001, our main website is designed to be an informational hub for furries in Southern California. However, we have created accounts on social sites, including this Weasyl account so we may connect with the creative furries in Southern California.

We consider “Southern California” to cover San Luis Obispo to San Diego and even all the way east to the Inland Empire/Palm Springs area. Several events take place weekly, some annually, and we welcome all who can show up. We have members on the list that are from all over the USA to those in Europe and Australia, so while we are a specialized locale, most of us always are happy meeting someone new.

Having a local gathering? Let us know! Whether you have something ongoing, or a larger (or more involved) party/event, we can help boost your signal.... Check out our calendar to see current events. You may also submit to our contact form (this is preferrred over Weasyl notes).

If you have reached this page and are a :Socalfurs, by all means leave a shout here so others may find you.

If you want to chat real-time with people, come visit [b]#socalfurry[/b] on IRC,

SoCal Furs and is maintained by Catwoman69y2k

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The Plotting for Our 20th Year Has Begun!

on 31 March 2018 at 10:39:23 MDT

Rolling through March, we have stayed behind the scenes making sure we really consider what we plan for this year's annual FurBQ.  Without further ado, we can now say that we have secured our spot.

SoCal Furs' 20th annual FurBQ is happening this Fall, on Saturday November 10th. We will have plenty of time to bust out some picnic supplies. The FurBQ is a long standing tradition and we will return to our green and shady spot within Irvine Regional Park

Please go to the full Event Calendar Posting for a full rundown of information

Finding a date was challenging this year , as the Canyon Fire took out one of the four Reserved picnic areas. This created heavy competition for the remaining three reserved spaces. The November slot we chose was the only one available After the Pumpkin Patch festival: The alternative would have been too early in September (the week after Labor Day), which would have made it a true FurBQ (All those overheated fursuiters and costumers). Our Past Fall FurBQs, held on Nov 16th 2013 and Nov 14 2015, both fared well with the cooler weather and were enjoyed by everyone despite the shorter park time.

In the next 6 months, we have some ideas and plans. We will keep you informed with our social media network of sites. Overall, we have been wanting to do something special for our community. With this being our 20th year, its destined that we should have something to commemorate all these awesome memories.

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    I'm a Washington State, guy, myself, but I thank you for your favey thingy! Stay sunny!

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    Can you post notice about WCF on Steam and FA? I know there are Socal Furs groups there.

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      Im afraid I cannot do that. Summercat is the admin who runs the FA group. You may need to get in touch with him directly. As for the Steam group... that is not a group that we have in our Network. Looks like its a group entirely seperate from SoCalFurs and obviously not within the SoCalFurs Network.

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      However, I have just sent Summercat an email to see if I can get ar esponse from him in any case. Very sorry for the inconvienience.

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        No sweat, Chet. It's all good.

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          any chance you knwo who mods the steam one? Ill see if I cant poike around and find out about it.

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            Do not but this month's meet was bleh. Only one other showed up. OH! I'll have to hit up the yahoo group. Slight location change. It'll be baseball diamond #2. They're all designated with numbers on the fences. I'll send pics soon.