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Weasyl Admin censoring my journal

on 9 June 2019 at 17:15:45 MDT

I've made a journal in which me, an OUTSPOKEN HOMOSEXUAL (and tough shit if you guys only found out now but I crave cock), speaks against Pride Month in all its choleric, politically crusading glory.

Then it was promptly removed and I was threatened with a ban if I ever did something so 'bigoted' ever again. So it's implied that he's calling me homophobic, which is, personally, a grave insult with dire implications on my character.

Here's an excerpt of the rules I've apparently infringed, in which I'm apparently accused of HARASSING, THREATENING and SLANDERING other users for stating my critical opinion on my own journal about the actions of a demographic I fucking belong to.

*"Submissions should avoid expressing bigoted or hateful material (e.g. racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) to the extent possible without compromising the artistic integrity of the piece. Material that appears intended for the sole purpose of provoking hostile responses is not permitted."

Additionally our Community Guidelines state in section IIl.A.1, & lll.A.2: Regardless of the situation that is happening, do not engage in the following practices, or encourage others to do so: "Slandering any users, whether verbally, through a submission, a journal, or by impersonating them.", "Threatening or harassing another user (remember to use the block tool if necessary)". This also includes private messages, shout pages, and comment threads of submissions and journals.*

This exact comportment from the FA staff is why I've left their website and I have zero qualms about leaving this one as well, immediately if need me. Those of you should who want to follow should go to my Tumblr (inb4 journal removed again lol) . Moderating powers are not meant to be used to bludgeon one's political views into their users.


"Any further harassing behavior, or contact with the user on your part, will result in administrative action taken against your account."

You're harassing me. Right now. For my opinion. With your admin powers.

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    excited to see you here!!! holy heck!

    sleep is like breathing. you really cant catch up on it later. imagine... all your cells... respirating...........

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      ...Who are you?

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        not sure if i know you personally, i think i just follow your artwork. your style and energy and lines of action and shape control is really really good, its exciting to see when i check submissions!

        your recent journal mentions not getting a lot of sleep.

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          Well, get your fill while it's there. Everything disappears, eventually.