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I'm just a 24 year old chick shackin' it up with a software engineering Dragon in North Texas. Third wave feminist, herpetoculturist, and independent artist. I do a variety of anthro works, but reptiles are my biggest interest in art. I am really in to field herping, beetles, shrimp, snails, cockroaches goldfish, animal behavior, evolutionary pressures, succulents, chickens, and most importantly collecting, raising and breeding a variety of snakes, lizards, and the occasional chelonian or amphibian. My pets are a huge part of my life. I am always interested in learning a variety of other crafts and enjoy research jams. I am big on both sex and body positivity, cartoons, colors, character design and monsters. When not endlessly perusing or laboring upon art, I am on my tumblr! Feel free to send me an IM or something I love to meet people!



Latest Journal

daily sketch update - important

I have been laid up in bed for several days, a private illness I don't wish to discuss, and this does not seem to be changing fast enough. Those of you who sent ahead, I have refunded you. My apologies. I do not think I will be affording to go on my trip, so I am not answering inquiries for new slots until I am on my feet and decide if I will be continuing.

Those of you who are on the list already, I am unsure if I will be returning to it and will keep that query updated here when I'm not confined to a matress on my phone. Apologies for typos and briefness, this thing is unweildy.

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1: Pin-Up - Flat color + Transparent BG
$ 35.00
2: Color + Shade
$ 45.00
3: Mock Watercolor
$ 60.00
4: Full Color, Shade, Background
$ 70.00
5: Ref Sheet
$ 175.00
add  a character
$ 20.00
add  Kirk for 1/2 price
$ 10.00

Misc. Works

Filled Out Expression Meme - B&W
$ 40.00
Filled Out Expression Meme - Color
$ 50.00
$ 15.00
Pixel Icon
$ 20.00


1: B&W Sketch
$ 10.00
2: Greyscale Sketch
$ 15.00
3: Color Sketch
$ 18.00
add  a character
$ 5.00
add  Kirk for free
$ 0.00

Prices are based on a $10 an hour rate combined with estimates for how long each type tends to take me to complete. I may charge more than the listed rate if your commission will take significantly more than the standard estimated time!

The following prices are merely starting rates, and we will need to discuss the details of your piece before I can give you a solid price:
3: Mock Watercolor
4: Full Color, Shade, Background
5: Ref Sheet

Just shoot me a message via any contact that is the most convenient for you!

These same prices are usually used in streams unless otherwise mentioned. Most often, streams are for Sketch tier commission types!

I have the right to deny any commission I am uncomfortable taking. I very rarely have to do this (I've done hundreds of commissions and haven't even done it a handful of times) but because of this you should confirm your idea with me before sending money!



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    where the hekkin you go snek lady

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    wish you well, whereever you are

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    Once again, have yourself a rockin' birthday. May you see this one day when things are better!

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    I'm trying to find a pretty funny rant comic this artist made about reptile heads being often drawn as disfigured canine heads, anyone?

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    Still waiting on some kind of reply for a refund.

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    Hope the birthday goes well!

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    Saw your being active again on tumblr recently, I tried to contact you once more over there and have heard nothing back... contact me please.

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    For those trying to reach Skink for your overdue commissions, she has an unlisted tumblr she is very active on.

    Good luck! Hopefully you'll have better luck there.