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The Siz has invaded! Be warned.

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Need more arting

on 29 December 2016 at 02:38:17 MST

My artistic mood has been on the low end of the meter for a while. It's been tough to get myself to make any sort of art, despite all the ideas I have. I still manage to do regular updates on my online comic strip (Roll for Intelligence), but my story Tumblr, my naughty Tumblr, and my accounts on art sites are suffering.
I've narrowed it down to being burnt out from retail work. A couple of weeks ago I had a nice, productive day where customers didn't interfere much with me getting tasks done, felt accomlished, and was scheduled off a half hour earlier than the usual (which, somehow, made it feel like I was getting to leave earlier than a half hour). I got home and felt so energetic, like I could spend the rest of my day cleaning and then jump right into a few art projects.
So, yes, work is killing my art drive. Hopefully I can get it so things are easier on me this coming year.

Anyway, had a couple of ideas icing around that I was thining of pushing myself towards, to hopefully break some of my funk. Both naughty-ish, of course.
One would be an ongoing story of two Starbound characters, with at least nudity showing up.
The other is making one or more of Sezin's race (Drabolds) and do a MSPaintAdventures/Prequel type of comic, because I've always wanted to do one of those. Naughtiness possible to happen in that one, as well.

But, tell me what you peoples think! Knowing there'd actually be some interest in at least one of those ideas would give me more drive to wor on one.

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