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❖ Female | Red panda lynx | 27 | Lovely | Friendly | Wild | Artist ❖

I'm a PRon and anthro artist and I love spending time with people. If You seem to pass through here I will be very happy to see You drop a comment for me on any of my works :)

❖ I will only accept commissions on my Furaffinity site!
Please understand I try to keep up with my other accounts and accepting on more than one site may be confusing and causing trouble :3 If You'd like a commission - please note me there, the adress is given in the section below!

My fursona is a Red Panda Lynx mix named Lana.
Feel free to draw her anytime and You might get art back!

My tumblrs:

Latest Journal

🎂 30th birthday! An insight into my life...

Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted an update. My life has been on a very tight schedule lately and it's hard to remeber to stay up to date everywhere! :)
I'm writing this post becasue 2 days ago was my 30th birthday! I didn't have my hopes up when it comes to it, since well... Another lockdown just started in Poland and none of my friends are allowed to visit, not even my family (since we don't live in the same towns). I lost a court case on the 24th fighting the government that took away my maternity leave (becasue they do that to all working women recently. What a country to live in!). So I was down in the dumps for a while.

But on my birthday so so so many of you showed up to leave lovely comments and wishes! I've recevied more than a dozen wonderful PMs!
My husband gave me 3 presents, some earlier than the other. I got a wonderful new backpack, a plushy scrumbled egg (it's adorable!!!) and a new wallet! I really needed one, casue my baby actually bit off bits of my old wallet and it looked like a dog tried to steal it from me :D

Accomplishments and goals

At the beginning of the year I have made some resolutions. And I have to say that even thought it's only March - I have already managed to incorporate most of them into my life! I never thought it would be possible!

New year's resolutions done:
🦊 I focused on my comic and I am now creating a new page every week!
🦊 I'm making daily sketches and posting the on Patreon which greatly imrpoved my sketching skills already!
🦊 I managed to jump to using CSP instead of Photoshop! I still sketch in Photoshop, but I think in the next 2-3 months I will be able to abandon it completely! This means for every finished piece I always have a speedpaint video I also post to Patreon!
🦊 I am slowly getting back in shape even though I am still breastfeeding. I've been nursing for 17 months now and it brought me and my baby really close. It's our special time together and I love it.
🦊 I spend time with my family and work around 3-5h a day and I can somehow manage fulfilling all my commission and Patreon duties up till now!

Those are pretty much all of the resolutions guys! :D It's amazing!

What I achieved as a person within these 30 years?
I took a closer look at my life and I think I accomplished a lot! I have a family of my own, a loving husband and a wonderful healthy baby. But I also have my loving parents and I even get along with my parents in law. none of my family memebrs were struck by covid yet, so this is a huge thing too and I am ever so thankful for it. I have purchased a flat (taken a loan) and we finally have a place to call home and no landlord to fear. I have paid my student debt off, which is a huge relief. And I am able to financially support my parents as well as take care of my own family. When our car crashed, we even managed to buy a new (10-yo one but still!) one within 2 weeks and it didn't completely ruin us. So it's more or less stable now!
I have completed my education on a Master's level, which even if I am not working in the field of, I am still proud of. It wasn't easy and it wasn't cheap! But I am a Master of architecture and nothing can change that :) It's comforting to know that I have options to get other jobs if I need them!
Becoming a mother made me realize what matters most in life and I feel enlightened. I look at life much differently than I did before and I am greatful for everyone I've came into conntact with. Every single interaction made me learn and made me grow as a person. I reliazed who I need in my life and who is there for me when I’m in need and who has my best interest in mind. I have a wonderful net of friends, both on the internet and irl. My life is colorful and my heart is filled with love.
I have a passion that I can pursue everyday – art. I am so lucky to be able to support my family with what I create and at the same time do what I love most. I find more and more time to draw personal art, I am already 14 pages deep into my comic and I no longer feel anxious about it. I’m so happy many of you like it so much and I hope you’ll stay with me as the story develops!

I am still battling postpartum depression and it's been very difficult on some days. I am however seeing a specialist about it and we're making progress to get the dark thoughts out of my head. More and more days are good ones and I trust that soon I won’t need help to keep my head high.

Overall I think even though some days can be very bad, I am a very lucky person. And I hope that my 30s will let me learn to appreciate even the imperfections about my life. That they will teach me to live in the moment and to plan for the future. That they will bring me even more self-fulfillment and happiness. I already reached a satisfying level of balance in my everyday thoughts, but I still sometimes loose it. I hope this time will let me become more in peace with myself, who I am and what I do.
I’m on the good way of becoming who I always wanted to be and to live my life to the fullest. I will keep on this track the best I can.
And thank you so much for staying with me on this amazing journey that is life. Thank you for your support, love, comments and advice.

Thank you,
Momma Lana joiing the 30s team.

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    hoi :3

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    Definitely gonna keep my eye on you, there's some awesome stahv in your gallery :D

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      thanks so much :D I will try to keep You entertained~!

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    Welcome! And at least it's just the pants that're made of sugar. Now, a sugarshirt, that'd be a bit weird. ;D

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      I would eat a sugarshirt if I had one!