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I'm a PRon and anthro artist and I love spending time with people. If You seem to pass through here I will be very happy to see You drop a comment for me on any of my works :)

❖ I will only accept commissions on my Furaffinity site!
Please understand I try to keep up with my other accounts and accepting on more than one site may be confusing and causing trouble :3 If You'd like a commission - please note me there, the adress is given in the section below!

My fursona is a Red Panda Lynx mix named Lana.
Feel free to draw her anytime and You might get art back!

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Coming back to life!

on 24 March 2019 at 08:07:47 MDT

Hey guys!
I am writing this journal using PostyBirb for the first time :) If you see it on this site, it means this isn't my main site and you might want to catch up with what I do currently on my main account on Furaffinity! I keep all my work and commission openings updated there, so if you have an account on FA and enjoy my work, you should definitely follow me there!
If you seek for a way to conntact with me FA would also be the answer as I rarely get the time to keep an eye on all these other sites :)
Nonetheless I am greatful for each and every followe I get and each set of new eyes and critique from you!

I will post stuff using this maginificent application that is PostyBirb from now on and I hope I can soon catch up with what I'm working on right now. Hopefully this will be possible to manage fast :)

For now expect a rather major artwork dumps as I try and share at least a part of my artworks submitted at FA.

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    Definitely gonna keep my eye on you, there's some awesome stahv in your gallery :D

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      thanks so much :D I will try to keep You entertained~!

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    Welcome! And at least it's just the pants that're made of sugar. Now, a sugarshirt, that'd be a bit weird. ;D

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      I would eat a sugarshirt if I had one!