Wildfire by SixthLeafClover



8 January 2016 at 11:39:28 MST

Vritra the dragon-wolf has the heart of a dragon and a spirit of a werewolf. Embers in her fiery dragon heart resonate with her love of being a pyromaniac and it shows. Her werewolf spirit keeps her sane in most ways one cannot describe. In the midst of all her insanity a small sane part of her keeps her in check. “Every problem in life can be solved with more fire.”

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    This is really cool.

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    something something fire starter

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    As a wolf dragon myself, I APPROVE

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    I'd so love to get a piece from you, but I can't afford it at all. D:

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    I love the texture to this

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    Oh my gawd <3

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    They had magic, but we had flamethrowers.

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    My soulmate! BURN IN RIGHTEOUS FIRE!

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    Wow, that is damn cool. Love how the wings and fire frame her! :D

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    The character is definitely cool. It's also neat to see how you render their weaponry!

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    This is so badass. :)

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      Holy crap, I really second that! o.o