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Point of Initiation by SixthLeafClover

Point of Initiation


"Many believe the most sultry days of summer were brought on by Cleander. His striking eyes shimmer with the radiance of a star in the darkest of night. His presence alone brings heat to the land like wildfires of the savanna. Catching a glimpse of him is like the brief moment before sun rise above the horizon. He is an epiphany by his own rights. He wields two claymores one of gold and the other silver."

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2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar is ready for pre-order!
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-1 Limited Edition Gold ZD 2" inch Collectors Coin.
-1 Metallic 8.5" X 11" Print also Signed by the artist. Choose your zodiac!

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    This is damned impressive. nicely done.

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    I'm not sure why, but this looks like it should be on a Magic the Gathering card.

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    Oh how beautiful.