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The Return of Guin by SixthLeafClover

The Return of Guin


Guin the Leopard Warrior is a great adversary of his time who doesn't take "no" for an answer. When he has to resort to fighting, he exhibits great insight in strategies and tactics. He draws his trust upon a longsword even though he is comfortable with many other melee weapons. Empowered by his heightened senses and near-foresight fighting instincts, he is an unstoppable force and a terror to all on the receiving end of his blade.

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    The reflection on the blade is such an amazing detail

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    I'm such a sucker for "warriors in the forest" pictures and genuinely looks like something from MTG when spotted on the front page. Are you wanting critique at all?

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      Critique if you wish...

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        I find the face and forward arm could use some pulling forward- just a simple subtle dodging of the highlights.

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    SUCH a lovely use of desaturated colors for a misty, forested look! Really makes the gentle golds and that blade pop so beautifully.

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    well he better not try me. as long as he doesn't, I'll consider him an 8.5/10. good looking drawing you got there.

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    This is so epic!

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    Menacing chap. Gives me a CCG vibe. :>

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    Good god, wow. LOVE how this turned out.

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    Love it!!!!