2016 Zodiac Dragons Aries by SixthLeafClover

2016 Zodiac Dragons Aries


14 August 2015 at 18:49:47 MDT

Zodiac Dragons Website: http://www.zodiacdragons.com/

Aries - The Agrarian Worker

“Molten Embers of Zodiac Dragon Aries”

Brilliant igneous masses of which the Aries Dragon inhabit embody the fiery attitude for which this dragon holds. With grand horns atop its head that glow with brightly lit lava, it watches the fiery dreamscape.

Two options available:
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**Stardust Collectors Edition Package includes**

-1 of the 2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar that is signed by the artist herself! (12" X 12 Calendar).
-1 Limited Edition Gold ZD 2" inch Collectors Coin.

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    Lookin fierce!! All the details in this are great, the little drippy parts and the sparkles in the wings and the clouds! and the other rocks in the background! Amazing work +0+

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    I never see yellow dragons ever??? this is the best <3 sooooo beautifully rendered too and the framing makes it look so fierce and engaging. This is some seriously great work!!

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    I can admire those paws forever

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    I'm an Aries myself :)