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Bergen, NordicFuzzCon and Art

Moving this sunday and once again have to leave my rabbits. Dorms why do you hate cute bunnys?
I might/will also miss the birth of my brothers first child. I also will miss the fleamarket they suddenly wanted to have back in my town. going to beg my mom to find me something rabbit related.

But this school might be the last chance for me to get a stable job so I can earn money myself. When that happens I am going to buy a cute little house with a garden and then alots of little & big rabbits and become the crazy rabbit-Lady down the street.

Also its great when you know people in Bergen from Furs til non-furs.

I have paid my stay, but not the transport and I think I might take the airplane.
me and Catya might have a table at the Dealers Den. So I am thinking watercolored drawings with frames, and the frames I can buy very cheap at the drift store in my town.
If I got space I will have iBlue with me if I got time to fursuit. But we shall see.

I have been having a bit of a artblock and have tons of unfinished sketchs that I might turn into YCH to get rid of them.
Is also thinking about Pay-What-You-Want maybe. Just have to see how much spare time I got after school.


My last fish died today. I try my best, but only the snail lives. Better buy some new filter stuff and see, but again the petstore I buy them from have hell of alots of problem with sick fish themself... Better try another petstore for fish.
Bright side is its going to be less stress moving the tank with me, just hope the snail will be on the wodden piece I got.


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    Dude, your banner is awesome :D

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      Thank you n_n

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    Your icon is stunning. :)

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      Thank you.

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    Thanks for the follow!

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    -Noms your ear-

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    GASP! It is the Queen of All Cute Bunnies! :D

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      One and maybe only.