Hi, I'm Sirver, A loveable Black Bombay House Cat that wants to either sleep for eternity or help change the world for the better.

I have been around the fandom plus the internet for over 10 years now. My experiences in the fandom are minor, as I enjoying talking about inspiration and influences to other people who are looking for a chat and who are feeling down. Although, my ways of helping people normally results in me clowning around. So don't take my weirdness too brashly, I like to help wherever I can, don't be too afraid to stop me. Talking it out helps us all understand each other.

My interests involve: Gaming (Puzzle, Stealth, Turn-Based, FPS, and Team Based Strategy games). Animation (studio Ghibli, Animuu, stop motion and any weird music videos). Drawing (Anthro, Anime, Abstract, Fauvism and Surrealism). And listening to every kind of music (Seriously, I like all music, no question, I have a 10,000+ song playlist that goes from Post-rock to Noise Pop, to Hip Hop and Icelandic Choir, you will not be disappointed with my music tastes :P )

My views of the world is always looking up and looking ahead. So I love talking about Sci-fi, Transhumanism, Futurology, Astrology. etc. Which is inspiring me to write up a universe to use in the Table Top RPG Sci-Fi Horror, Eclipse Phase. To GM, and hopefully have fun with you guys if you are interested. I also want to create a story in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi setting of cultures, races and species thrown together into a dying world where they have to learn to work together. That I eventually want to make into a graphic novel. ^^

Of course, keeping my views grounded on earth. I enjoy History, different Cultures, and I grew up with the admiration of World War 2. Playing videos games like Medal of Honour, Castle of Wolfenstein and the Commandos series helped a lot with that. Including, playing games like Crusader Kings and Total War to help the itch of history and culture. Albeit, my views on these areas are limited, so don't mind me saying something wrong. Correct my mistakes, I enjoy learning off by my mistakes. I live to learn.

My goals in life is to hopefully create something that will help future generations or at least make them go; "Oh yeah! That dude! That dude was awesome."

And if all else fails, Doing Animated Music Videos will always be my lofty project goal.

It will be an experience to watch me rise and fall. Wait and see with me. It'll be fun. :3

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Bi-weekly Music on Hiatus

on 18 October 2017 at 17:10:25 MDT

Pretty obvious to see, I fell out with updating my biweekly music thing.

Reasons involved was not having enough motivation to update my subscription to my website, I mostly did the biweekly music to post something on there. When the yearly subscription ran out I couldn't really update my blog.

It will probably come back when I am comfortable to pay for my website again, I do have enough money I just don't really have other uses to update a portfolio site other than to post music to my blog, not worth it. I did have fun with it, but it just took a lot of my time to keep it going. Sorry. ^^;

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