Facts about me:
• I'm German so don't judge too hard about my English. xD
• Don't have a Fursona, but a Digisona called Pikunamon. :3
• Digimon is my biggest passion. ♥
• I like Anime, Games and Cartoons.
• Normaly I'm a more shy one, but when I like you I can be very talkative. XP
• I'm a tomboy
• Get easily attracted by male Lizards/Dragons/other Scalies. x3
• Mated to my Dragonknight ♥INCtastic
• Mostly color Linearts from others, still have to learn to draw by myself

Favorite things:
Favorite Fandoms: Digimon, Pokemon, Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls, Dota 2
Favorite Fandom Characters: Beelzebumon (Digimon), All V-Mon Evolutions (Digimon), Blaziken (Pokemon), Greninja (Pokemon), Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect), Heathblast (Ben10), Axel (Kingdom Hearts), Taokaka (BlazBlue), Matau (Bionicle), Slark (Dota2)
Favorite Music type/genre: Metal, Rock, J-Pop, Game OSTs
Favorite Movies: Digimon X-Evolution, Pacific Rim, IronMan, The Avengers, Transformers, DragonHeart, Ghostrider, Aliens vs. Predators, Bionicle: Legend of Metru Nui
Favorite Games: Digimon World 2003, Pokemon X/Y, Dota 2, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Ratchet & Clank
Favorite Game Platforms: PC, 3DS
Favorite Animals: Cats, Lizards, Dragons
Favorite Foods: Canard, Pizza, Asia Food

Most important Sites where you can find me too:
Personal tumblrTwitch (Mostly german)


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Latest Journal

Digimon, Pokemon and more Monsters? [Patreon]

on 22 February 2015 at 07:40:33 MST

Helly my dear people!

Riza23 and I are thinking about to change our Patreon a little bit.
The Digimon part will totaly stay as it is, but we want to add a bit more.
At first we thought to add just Pokemon to the basic sortiment of pictrues we want to produce.
But then we thought about adding more Monster franchises (like Monster Rancher, Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter or Yu-Gi-Oh!), depending on the amount of money we would get.

So, the plan is like this:

  • We will add Pokemon now to our normal rooster of artworks.
  • New Rewards will be added: For 30$ pledges you also will get a Bust of a monster from any franchise or a fullbody drawing from a more simple Monster. For 50$ pledges you get a Fullbody drawing from any Monster-franchise (still, overly complicated/detailed chars must be discussed)
  • New Milestones: - 50$ reached, the per picture payment will be changed to per month and a minimum of two pictures per month (to relieve the individual) 100$ reached, a third franchise will be added (simple monster franchise, like Monster Rancher or Dragon Quest), it will be voted 150$ reached, a fourth franchise will be added (more complicated, like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Monster Hunter), will be voted

We just want to know, if people are okay with the decision to add more different content to the Patreon page.
You can also suggest more franchises with different Monsters (minimum of 25 different designs would be good).
Your opinion is important for us and also if you would be interested in supporting us.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

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Coloring Commission

from $ 5.00
to $ 15.00
from $ 3.00
to $ 7.00
from $ 9.00
to $ 18.00

○ At least a sketch pr Lineart is neccessary (with permission from orignal artist)

○ Every extra character costs 50% +

○ Prices are generate either only the coloring or INK + Coloring


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