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Halloween Shenanigans by Kompy by sirkain

Halloween Shenanigans by Kompy


Looks like Eric Eevee is at a PCA Halloween party, and a certain Luxray has caught his eye to hit on and stare at! Unforts for him, he doesn't realize that she is taken, and her BF is just a wee bit displeased with someone hitting on his girl.

What kind of corny mobster voiced commentary do you think Eric is saying to Charla? How bad of pick-up Pokemon themed lines can you make up? :P

How fast is one of those bottles in the background going to be brought down on Eric's head?

A fun commission by kompy kompy:

Art, Charla (luxray) and Nigel (gardevoir) © kompy kompy.

Eric Eevee © Eric Goodwin