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The Fourth Wall by SiriusDF

The Fourth Wall

By SiriusDF

Thursday Prompt for July 14, 2016 Prompt Word: Cycle

From a drawing by MLR MLR

At exactly 9 am, the main door to the Silverton Eatery swung in, it's mounted bell jingle jangling.

Kizzy's widow's peaked and furred face glanced up from her counter chores. Relief painted her face when she saw it was merely Sal in vest, shirt and dusty pants; and not another goverment investigator.

"Morning Sal," She wuffed to the dusty brown coyote like being who sidled up to the front counter with it's row of rusting fixed stools. "What'll it be today."

"Coffee for now, I'll order breakfast later."

She poured a carafe into a white ceramic cup without a handle. Sal plunked down a few bimetallic coins.

"Keep the change," Sal murmured as he gently gripped the cup and turned towards the East room.

"Sal, " Kizzy called out, "We havent' fixed the room since that frightful thunderstorm."

"I know, but I ain't breaking my weekly cycle of taking a morning coffee in the East room on account of a friggen, Fairy lightning bolt."

The sled dog splayed her ears, "It's still switching. Those government folks say the space time has gone thin now."

"Any Onlookers today?"

The waitress shook her erect eared head.

Sal's booted feet clunked over front counter's wooden floor and descended the single step onto the brick floor of the post's old east wing of plastered brick and a large window with a wooden frame of peeling white paint that overlooked the mountains rising up from the valley.

The roof remained intact, but the east facing wall had taken the brunt of the damage from the bolt. Blasting open a wedge shaped rent that surgically sliced away brick, plaster and most of the window frame.

Most strangely, the lightning bolt had fuzed the remains. And instead exposing the great outdoors, the rent had been neatly sealed off with a strange smoke gray material like volcanic glass.

During the day, it let light through as if it was a window, but the view from inside was never the nearby pine woods outside.

Sal sat down on the remaining table left in front of the Rent. Today's view was pleasing.

Beyond was a mountainous massif with odd green vegatation clinging to granite like slopes. Drifting clouds etching the cobalt blue sky. Like a giant opal half obscured in ocean water, a 'moon' of massive proportions peeked over the distant ridge. Flanking the day object was a tiny rocky globe accompanying the gibbous sphere like a tiny pup.

A view that his world did not possess.

The bandana wearing yote took a sip of coffee, taking his time to savor the bitter brew.

"How's the view today?" Kizzy's voice echoed from the front counter.

"Very peaceful, kind of like ours, but different."

"No Onlookers?"


"For the last few days, we've been getting Onlookers pressing their faces up to the Rent and looking inside," the Husky waitress voiced a low whine, "They scare me."

Sal grumped, "For the love of Dog, Kizzy, it's like a window pane that switches channels. They can only gaze in. Can't touch or hurt us."

"But they're ugly. It's not natural."

"Somewhere in the Universe, Kizzy, I suspect it tis."

He took a last lap of his morning coffee. And mused out loud.

"Who'd have thought upright apes looking like shaved Lemors could be signs of intelligent life out there."

The Fourth Wall


19 July 2016 at 22:23:09 MDT

Thursday Prompt submission for July 14, 2016
Hosted by the iconic Vixyyfox on Furaffinity.

Based on a drawing by MLR MLR

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Literary / Story


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    I really liked that picture - I'm glad there's a story to go with it now!

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    Wow... a tear in the fabric of space-time. That's probably a cooler idea than what I was vaguely thinking when I drew that.
    Neat idea!

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      Leave it to coyote Sal being real casual about it. Nothing shall disturb his morning coffee routine.

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        Nothing can get between a man and his morning cup of joe.