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WIP again: It will never catch on by SiranaJHelena

WIP again: It will never catch on


Another preview of "It will never catch on". I decided to give it a different perspective, so you don't see everything just from the side. Now the "viewer" would probably stand within a wall, but who cares. ^^
Unfortunately the picture with Bastet (the cat) and Ra (the falcon and kind of the circle behind them, too) needs to be bend because of the perspective. Therefore I attached the original sketch. I guess I'll use that one to apply colours etc. and then bend it when everything is done.
And yes, I used fennecs. The anatomy of their hads drive me crazy despite having >9000 references, but I think they are at least recognizable as fennecs eventually.

In case you are wondering: There are some wall paintings missing, same goes for "props" like cups with colours paint brushes and so on. I am out of time now until evening, so they have to wait. But I wanted to show you the picture now where the main characters are more or likely finished, at least as sketch.

Btw: Usually I'm very grateful about critique for the anatomy and so on and you are welcome to give it to me. However, due to a lack of time I'm not able to still make major changes. So please be aware of that. I always read your comments and I will keep them in mind for other pictures but I won't apply them on that painting at this time. ;)

Picture made by Sirana J. Helena
Please don't copy, alter or distribute.

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