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Hello, I am New to Weasyl. I have decided to widen my fan base, or at least attempt to. Let me tell you a little bit about myself first. Obviously you see that my name is Silver Raven Star, you can call me Silver. I am a husky wolf mix. I enjoy being outdoors when I'm not being a parent to my 6 year old pup, he definitely can be more than a hand full. He doesn't really have a fursonia yet, we're working it. Family is important to me, and I like to keep everyone busy with outdoor activities. My mate is a Siberian Tiger named Jacob Hobbes, him and I have since July 2010 and still going strong, he's definitely something special. He really pushes me with my art and want me to succeed with it. Because of him, its the reason why I got myself in gear to take some extra art classes in college.

Since I am a stay at home mom, my art is my job, my income, my everything that I need and use to help raise my son and spend time with family. Please bear with me since I am new, I am just going to post a redirect link here directly on my profile until I learn this site.

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Commission Information:

This is my Job at this moment so please any commissions help. and Im fairly inexpensive so please be respective.

Examples Coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$2 sketches

$5 sketches (poor example will have more up soon)

$5 quick art (fully lined and colored, they're just done quickly)

$10 inks

$20 colors

$25 Pin up (both feral and Anthro)

I do Ref pages, they are a combination between the price such as $20 for a color, if you want a back facing stance its $5 extra, and then if you want some Emotions Drawn out its $3 for each.


-PayPal Only
-Please dont request complex back grounds.
-Any Sexual Preferences Straight, Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Herm, ETC, Is all fine with me
-I am open to Adult Art
-Any religions (just dont be preaching to myself and other commissioners/watchers, this includes EVERYONE!)
-If theres anything not listed please ask!!!!
-If theres any prices on something that youd like please NOTE me, we can come up with a fair price

Commissions: OPEN
Requests: What am I getting in return
Trades: Depending
Gift: Only If you are an active watcher under my disintegration (meaning, Giving Comments, Opinions and More)

Thank you and I hope to receive a growing fan base and satisfied customers ^_^


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Urgent Reminder!!!

Reminder, commissions are still open!! My vehicle broke down and I need to make am extra $550 to fix it! Oh my! I've been barely scraping buy as it is!! I'm open to anything! Just personal message me and NAME YOUR PRICE!

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    THankyou so much for the watch! Sorry about how late this is!

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    Has Chelsea been found yet?

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      No, we believe that there's human trafficking in the area because there's a couple other women that went missing that have pretty much the same story.

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        oh my gosh I hope she's found soon

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          Me to, my mate and I were talking the other night, if it is trafficking... she's almost better off dead poor girl. That was hard to admit for my mate because he grew up with Chelsea. He's known her growing up his whole life. Just to make everything worse, we live is a small little town, usually we only get the bodies from Detroit and Toledo dumped here because it is such a country area they think it'll be easy to not get in trouble. But for one of our own to come up missing. It's huge, not just the family, but the whole Monroe County is pretty Pissed off at the moment. They are asking for donations because they took their ground zero base camp to some empty space where it's warm, but now they have a rent to worry about everyone is really pulling together to make anything possible. As I quote the team " we're not giving up, we will finder her one way or another eventually." Our little town isn't one to really be messed with...

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            Those people make me sick. I'm really sorry for her and your community. I hope she's found soon.

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              Still nothing yet, the family is taking it hard with the up coming holiday.

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                I'm sure, poor things. really horrible the things people do. At this point expect the worst and hope for the best unfortunately. This is really disheartening, and I'm sorry to hear.