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SilverRavenStar / 36 / Female

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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Urgent Reminder!!!

Reminder, commissions are still open!! My vehicle broke down and I need to make am extra $550 to fix it! Oh my! I've been barely scraping buy as it is!! I'm open to anything! Just personal message me and NAME YOUR PRICE!

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Can't take it

I'm about to go over the edge, I can't take it anymore.

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Starving artist help

I need help. I'm at the end of my rope my depression is getting to me. I need $300 to keep my apartment with my a roof over my son's head. I dont know what else to do. I've had bad thoughts go through my head, and I hate it. I've been working, trying to make it being a single mother.

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Finding the murderer

This is for those who have been following the Murder case of my friend since last year. For the most part the family has been silent towards the press and media. Remember if you go with friends leave with friends.…

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Who wants pictures?

I feel like giving up. I need help. I need to make something extra before I get my vehicle insurance and electricity turned off. So I'm opening up a donation pool. However this is not just any regular donation pool. You will be getting something in return. No set prices, just give me what you think…

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Sad day for us all.

Many of you awhile back supported me In a good way. We finally found our dear friend. Since I have been emotionally drained over the weekend, please click the link below to hear the story.

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Still Alive

I'm still here, I haven't gone away. I've still been drawing, just haven't been posting. I am going to school right now for art so hopefully my stuff would be a bit better when I start posting again. I have still open for commissions, my sons birthday is coming up. That's the only reason why i am k…

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Depressing Christmas

Due to the fact that my insurance on my vehicle decided to go up, I now can't afford anything for my son for Christmas. At least we have food if you can count raman. But this depression about it is really getting to me, my son keeps asking me about Santa, I'm really lost for words. I can't exactly…

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Commissions like these are available right now for $2 USD Im bored and NEED commissions at the moment! Commissions Includes ANY species (as long as its not too crazy with a thousand tentacles or something along those lines) simple stance can be la…

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So much been going on my friend went missing, i need a way to keep my mind off things... Commissions anyone?

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MISSING PERSON PLEASE HELP!!!!! We live near Monroe, Michigan area, if there's any way you can have a Friend contact a friend or whatever... Chelsea is a good friend, and she is a good person. I'm trying to do anything I can to help and try t…

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Supporting Help?

This is my Job at this moment so please any commissions help, and I'm fairly inexpensive. I need to get my name out and establish a good fan base. I am still learning this site so please be patient with me. Any help in any form is always appreciated, whether if its re posting it in a journal for me…